Below the surface you will find that there is much more to swimming pools than meets the eye.  The National Swimming Pool Foundation’s® (NSPF®) Certified Pool Operator® (CPO® Certification) course provides a wealth of information to anyone involved in pools.  On behalf of Pool Operation Management, you will receive essential training along with other valuable information and resources.

In over 35% of the USA, state law mandates a Certified Pool Operator® at all facilities.  In fact, this includes New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Florida, Georgia and many other states.  To achieve the highest level of quality training, you should rely on a team of experienced professionals – Pool Operation Management.

Now is the time to be trained by a licensed professional instructor.  We offer many classes at a variety of convenient locations. Additional CPO® Certification courses may be scheduled at your convenience.

This is a two-day class that runs 8:30 am – 5 pm both days. The first day is classroom instruction on such topics as water chemistry, pool calculations, risk and liability, management, pumps and filters, etc. The second day you will have a review of pool calculations, go over your governmental state code and take your exam. It is a three hour exam, open book-open note. You need a 75 percent to pass. Once you pass, you will receive a national certification in 4-6 weeks. It is valid for five years. Early registration, which is registering two weeks prior to the start of the class, is $305. Late registration, which is within the two weeks of the start of the class, is $330.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • I want to say thanks for doing an incredible job as a teacher for the recent class. You were so awesome that even I, with a 95% hearing loss, could hear you and understand you. I was so nervous because of my hearing loss. Because you were such a good teacher, I passed and I loved every minute of it and i want more. I learned so much, thanks to you. I was able to maintain and clean my hotel pool, but now i understand on whole another level and love it. Aloha!

    C. Graham Hawaii
  • Wanted to say thanks for a great class, you were one of the best instructors I have ever had, hands down!  I will refer friends and pool companies I come in contact with over to your course, I think they could definitely use some classroom training.

    M Filippi New Jersey
  • Trevor was 'real world', funny and kept the class lively while providing a lot of info!

    N. Wajnowski Connecticut
  • Quality, informative class that has given me new perspective for needed reform for more effective future practice.

    C. Lake New York
  • Class was well developed going hand in hand with the book. The instructor was thorough and very helpful making complex theories seem easy.

    J. Harper Pennsylvania
  • Instructor's knowledge base is in depth.

    J. Gaines Maryland
  • Thank you very much. I also wanted to say that I thought the class/information was very well presented. I was given the job of CPO and know nothing about caring for a pool other than how to swim in it! There was a lot of information presented during the class but now I can look through the data and use what I need to operate our pool. Trevor was an excellent instructor!

    Jane New Jersey
  • Please express my thanks to Trevor for a worthwhile class. His presentation and class management skills are excellent. As a person who never owned or worked on a pool I found the course most informative and helpful. An excellent foundation.

    J. Nichols New York
  • As with any course, the instructor can make or break it. As in the past, Pool Operation Management made the course.

    S. Francis New Jersey
  • Trevor is awesome. He's always able to answer any questions with ease and gives great ideas from his experience.

    J. Butler Florida
  • Great class, very knowledgeable, I liked the fact that he spoke of "hands-on" experiences in dealing with pools.

    S. Myers Maryland
  • Trevor has a good sense of humor, gets the points across well, and is very insightful. He obviously knows his stuff. The course is well run, this was a great program

    J. White New Jersey
  • Thanks for the light hearted approach and using personal experiences to pass along the information

    S. Sobczak New Jersey
  • Trevor did a very good job tailoring the class to us as health officials, and this class has helped us gain knowledge to perform our job duties

    L. Zweimiller Maryland
  • (Trevor) is very well informed, personable, and likeable. Very clear and concise in his presentation, and willing to help all students in need. Top notch!

    V. McVeigh Florida
  • When you began covering the material I thought wow, I just wasted a lot of money, I will never pass the test! After the first day I absolutely knew I would fail. You covered an incredible amount of material in the 2 days. When I began taking the test I was amazed at the amount of knowledge I retained. I knew then I would do well. Your presentation was excellent. I did study the manual for some time, but, you made it happen. The review sheet asked if I met my objectives. I not only met but exceeded my objectives, 100 percent! I may never manage a pool but I certainly have the tools needed to start. The education I got was well worth the money. In closing keep up the good work, you are an excellent instructor.

    M. Reed Pennsylvania