In the State of Florida, it is required to have a certified pool operator for a public swimming pool for every individual who maintains the cleanliness, water quality and chemical balance. If you are going to perform service work on your pool, pump, filter, etc, you also require a license from the State of Florida. For the state license, you can contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulations at 850-487-1395.

64E-9.018 Public Pool Service Technician Certification

An individual who services a public pool by maintaining the cleanliness, water quality and chemical balance of public pools shall be certified. To be certified an indiviual must demonstrate knowledge of public pools. Examples of such knowledge include: pool cleaning, general pool maintenance, make-up water supply, bacteriological, chemical and physical quality of water and water purification, testing, treatment, and disinfection procedures. To ensure that the pool technicians are knowledgeable, said technician shall attend a training course of national recognition that is approved by the department of at least16 hours in length and shall pass a test acceptable to the department. Certification is conferred upon an individual and is nontransferable. Certification does not imply any licensure and specifically not that of contractor as regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation under Section 489.105(3)(j), (k), or (l), F.S. A certified pool technician may not affect the structural integrity of the pool or equipment, and shall not delegate work to others, including employees, that are not themselves certified under this section, or otherwise exempt from this provision per Chapter 514, F.S.

Operators must follow state, county, city and local laws as well as federal laws pertaining to the operation and maintenance of pools and spas.

Florida State Pool Forms


Code Excerpts

Criteria Florida
What is to be recorded TAC, FAC, CAC, pH, Cyanuric Acid, Alkalinity, Calcium, Gauge Reading, Flow Rate & Bather Load
Water Testing Frequency At least once every 24 hours
Chlorine Levels (Min-Max) POOL:  Indoor 1.0-5.0, Outdoor 1.0-10.0 CH, 1.5-10.0 BR,
SPA: 2.0-10.0 CH, 3.0-10.0 BR,
WADING: 2.0-10.0 CH, 3.0-10.0 BR
pH Levels (Min-Max) 7.2-7.8
Chlorine Test Kit Requirements DPD replace yearly
pH Test Kit Requirements phenol red
Cyanuric Acid Levels (Min-Max) ≤ 100 ppm for Pools, ≤ 40 ppm for Spas
Water Clarity 0.5 or less NTU & main drain must be readily visible from pool deck
Turnover Rate POOL: 4 x’s/day
SPA: 30 minutes
WADING: 1 hr
Bather Load (per bather) POOL: 1 bather per 5 GPM Flow Rate
SPA: 10 sq ft
WADING: Average of 1 bather/20sq ft & 5 GPM Flow
Depth Markings Transition lines: 2″- 6″ tile line & rope and floats    Deck & Pool  (4″ and  Spelled Out ‘FT’ and  ‘IN’)  2″ line or tile on Rise/Run of step edges & benches
CPO® Required Yes, to service pool (& some counties)

Class Schedule

Date Location
2018 2018
January 20-21, 2018 West Palm Beach, FL (Spanish)
February 6-7, 2018 Miami, FL
February 8-9, 2018 Orlando, FL
February 10-11, 2018 Jacksonville, FL
February 17-18, 2018 West Palm Beach, FL
February 24-25, 2018 Miami, FL (Spanish)
March 8-9, 2018 Daytona Beach, FL
March 10-11, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL
March 15-16, 2018 Panama City, FL
March 17-18, 2018 Pensacola, FL
March 22-23, 2018 Jacksonville, FL
March 24-25, 2018 Kissimmee, FL
March 24-25, 2018 Orlando, FL  (Spanish)
April 5-6, 2018 Tampa, FL
April 7-8, 2018 Fort Myers, FL
April 12-13, 2018 Melbourne, FL
April 19-20, 2018 Orlando, FL
April 21-22, 2018 Miami, FL
April 26-27, 2018 Pensacola, FL
April 28-29, 2018 Jacksonville, FL
April 28-29, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL (Spanish)
May 3-4, 2018 Daytona Beach, FL
May 5-6, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 17-18, 2018 Tampa, FL
May 19-20, 2018 Miami, FL (Spanish)
May 19-20, 2018 Orlando, FL
June 7-8, 2018 Fort Myers, FL
June 9-10, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 21-22, 2018 Tallahassee, FL
June 23-24, 2018 Pensacola, FL
June 23-24, 2018 Orlando, FL
June 23-24, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL (Spanish)
June 28-29, 2018 Jacksonville, FL
June 30-July 1, 2018 West Palm Beach, FL
July 19-20, 2018 Melbourne, FL
July 21-22, 2018 Miami, FL
July 21-22, 2018 West Palm Beach, FL (Spanish)
July 26-27, 2018 Tampa, FL
July 28-29, 2018 Orlando, FL
August 4-5, 2018 West Palm Beach, FL
August 11-12, 2018 Miami, FL (Spanish)
August 16-17, 2018 Fort Myers, FL
August 18-19, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL
September 8-9, 2018 Miami, FL
September 10-11, 2018 Key West, FL
September 13-14, 2018 Gainesville, FL
September 15-16, 2018 Daytona Beach, FL
September 15-16, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL (Spanish)
September 27-28, 2018 Jacksonville, FL
September 29-30, 2018 Melbourne, FL
October 2-3, 2018 Orlando, FL
October 4-5, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL
October 13-14, 2018 Fort Myers, FL
October 20-21, 2018 Miami, FL (Spanish)
October 27-28, 2018 Orlando, FL (Spanish)
November 8-9, 2018 Orlando, FL
November 10-11, 2018 Miami, FL
November 17-18 , 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL (Spanish)
December 8-9, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL

To register by check, print and complete registration form and mail with check to Pool Operation Management, 68 Edwards Road, Brick, NJ 08723. Please make checks payable to Pool Operation Management.

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