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Volume 1: Aquatic Risk Management is the first module of the new Aquatic Management Series from NSPF®. Learn how to identify, analyze, and take steps to reduce or eliminate exposures to loss faced by an organization or individual.

  • The Law and the Aquatic Professional
  • Case Studies
  • Aquatic Risk Management
  • Implementation of the Risk Management Plan
  • Emergency Response Plans

Online course (includes handbook) – $60
Handbook only – $20.00

Volume 2: Emergency Response Planning builds upon the lessons of risk management from Volume 1 and provides in-depth guidance on aspects of Emergency Response Plans including:

  • Developing ERPs
  • Effective communication
  • Responding to aquatic emergencies
  • Types of emergency situations
  • Hazard communication plans

Online course (includes handbook) – $60
Handbook only – $20.00

Volume 3: Aquatic Facility Audits helps any facility establish procedures to ensure it prevents, prepares for, and responds to emergencies. The purpose of this program is to assist the management staff or companies servicing or managing a facility to:

  • Train staff
  • Conduct on-site self-audits
  • Conduct an aquatic facility audit
  • Develop operational and emergency procedures
  • Develop a proper documentation and maintenance plan
  • Recognize ways in which to improve operational and staff management

Online course (includes handbook) – $60
Handbook only – $20.00

Aquatic Play Feature™ Training

  • What makes aquatic play features different for the pool operator?
  • If I operate my aquatic facility by applying the same rules used for a traditional swimming pool, why don’t things work as anticipated?
  • What makes aquatic play features more challenging for the pool operator?


There are many factors which may complicate the process of maintaining aquatic play features and now there’s a training resource available to help operators!

This training program is a must for everyone who operates aquatic play-feature facilities. The Aquatic Play Feature program utilizes a full-color, illustrated handbook along with an online training course to maximize your learning experience.


Topics Covered Include:

  • How to deal with cloudy water
  • Excessively high make-up water bills
  • High sanitizer/oxidizer consumption
  • Very short filter runs
  • Maintaining automated control systems
  • Management of water and of water chemistry
  • Chlorine and chemical addition issues
  • Filtration and circulation concerns
  • Play feature operational considerations
  • Usage of chloramines and stabilizers
  • And more!

Online course (includes handbook) – $60
Handbook only – $20.00

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