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Step 1. Enter Pool Specifications

Pool Dimensions: If you have an odd shaped pool, it may be necessary to split it into several pools to determine your surface area and/or volume. You can calculate each smaller pools surface area and/or volume and add them together to get your total pool's surface area and volume. Pool Shape & Size:
swimming-pool-square-shape-volume-size swimming-pool-rectangle-shape-volume-size-e1429744313705 swimming-pool-round-shape-volume-size-e1429744290373 swimming-pool-oval-shape-volume-size-thumb swimming-pool-kidney-bean-shape-volume-size-thumb
Pool Depth:
shallow: ft. deep: ft.
Calculated Measurements:
Surface area:
Average Depth:
Pool Volume:
Gallons in 1 inch:

Step 2. Flow rate, Turnover rate, Filter Surface Area, BTUs

Pool Details:
Pool Volume:
Pool type:
Turnover Time:
hr Flow rate:
Filter surface area:
Flow rate:
gpm Filter area:
Filter media:
Temp rise:
°F Energy:
Amount Conversions
oz→lb     fl oz→gal    
Distance Conversions
yd→ft     m→ft    


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