• Troubleshooting
  • Emergency calls
  • Liability
  • Rism Mgmt.


  • CPO®
  • Pool Director
  • Mechanical operations
  • “How to” seminars


  • General evaluation
  • Safety and regulations
  • Equipment and structures
  • Preventive maintenance

Expert Witness:

  • Case Review
  • Litigation Assistance
  • Hearings/
  • Arbitration


  • Supervision
  • CPO® Certification and Service
  • Maintenance


  • Code compliance
  • Operational and mechanical
  • Aquatic facility plans

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Pool Operation Management (POM) provides consulting services pertaining to all aspects of swimming pool regulations, maintenance and training. As a swimming pool consultant, POM is the swimming pool expert you can trust to gain knowledge about swimming pool marketing and promotion, safety and health issues, general maintenance, pool troubleshooting, and liability and risk management well as swimming pool problems and pool-related emergencies including diving accidents, drowning accident, pool chemical safety and many other aquatic incidents. We have provided professional consulting for commercial facilities nationwide and as well as a myriad of state-centered advisory committees.  We are also receipients of multiple awards from the Pool and Hot Tub Allaince.

POM is the company to call when you require consulting and inspection services for general evaluation, safety,     government regulations, equipment, structures or preventive maintenance.  Our extensive swimming pool consulting experience even qualifies us to appear in court as an expert witness in legal actions. You can call on POM as a pool expert witness for litigation proceedings, arbitration and hearings.  Our client list includes engineers, maintenance staff, service technicians, property managers, attorneys, health departments and homeowners.

Among the most important aspects of owning and operating a swimming pool is being fully knowledgeable of all related safety rules, dangers and regulations.  Not only does it ensure the efficiency of your system, it reduces unnecessary expenses and accident risks.  To that end, POM provides expert pool training and professional pool inspections to educate both commercial and residential owners on all facets of proper pool care, maintenance and operations. Pool manuals are also available from POM including those specific to mechanical issues, aquatic supervision plans and governmental compliance standards . All instructors are highly qualified and experienced.

For more information about our nationally recognized liability, risk management and compliance consulting services for commercial and residential pools, simply complete our online Request a Quote form.

Pool Management and Education since 1980

POM can help you with all your pool service and training needs – commercial and residential.

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