102611-CPO-28_editedWe believe in preventative maintenance to reduce long term expenses, increase the efficiency of your system and prevent accidents. Our training staff delivers programs that are simple to understand and practical.  They are qualified to teach federal, state and local requirements for a Certified Pool/Spa Operator, and knowledge in a variety of pool topics.  “How to” seminars can be a great asset for the novice or professional.

This one-day hands on training class provide tips, tricks and advice for the most common problems a pool technician faces in the field. The course will address issues with pump, filters, chemicals feeders, valves, water chemistry and chemicals and basic maintenance. It includes an on-site pool inspection of a commercial pool and its filtration room. With two instructors, the class will be broken into two groups to explore visual aids and hands on applications to physical pool components. Course includes ultimate tech manual, hand-outs and lunch. CPO certification is highly recommended, as well as one-year experience in the field. This is not a beginner class. – $250.00.

MORE LOCATIONS TO BE ADDED! If you would like this training for your staff on-site, please email a request here!

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Pumps – How to unfreeze an impeller; How to prime pumps; How to clean out baskets; How to replace gaskets; Programming; Motor Repairs
Filters – Sizing; How to change filter media – DE and Sand; How to backwash – Sand and DE; How to clean cartridges; When to use a clarifier; Valve repairs
Chemicals Feeder – The need for continual feed and which type of feeder works best for each type of facility; Replacing lids and locks
Valves – Replacing/Lubricating multiport gaskets; Replacing missing handles and lock nuts; Picking the correct type of valve
Water Chemistry – Using your chemicals to work for you; Chemical addition order; Effects of cyanuric acid on alkalinity; Testing methods and basic tests
Maintenance – How to use your vacuum to act as a main drain; How to set up basic vacuum system; Unique tips to treat common pool issues and stains; Valve isolation to aid in cleaning
Pool Inspection – Inspection of commercial pool and its filtration room

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