You can have a CPO® Certification course at your facility. A certified instructor can conduct the two day CPO® Certification course either in person or virtually, or the one day blended CPO® Certification course with Primer training.  Training materials will be supplied by POM, however, students are asked to bring their own writing utensils, paper and calculators.

The host will provide an adequate training facility with screen and 2-night overnight accommodations for the instructor (if necessary), as well as travel fees (if necessary).  Any advertising or promotion desired for this course will be provided by youPOM will provide additional support by registering this course with the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (formerly NSPF® and APSP).

A minimum enrollment of ten (10) participants will be required to conduct the course.  For pricing, please contact us for a quote. These fees in no way guarantee certification of students.

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