We manage commercial facilities by providing supervision, training, service, certified pool operators, and chemicals and supplies. Commercial services can include facility evaluations, safety inspections for pool, development and implementation of operational and maintenance procedures, employee manuals, emergency plans and intensive training programs.

  • CPO® Certified Service – Hire us as your CPO® Certified technicians for weekly, biweekly or monthly* visits.
  • Pool Inspections – We can perform a detailed swimming pool inspection to let you know how your pool conforms to code and standards.
  • Aquatic Facility Plans – A plan developed specifically for your pool outlining your facilities procedures and pool information.
  • Pool Staff Training – Training includes state requirements for pools, testing and adjusting chemicals, safety issues and other pool basics.
  • Pool Maintenance Service – We can visit your 1, 2 or 3 times a week and maintain your pool.
  • Chemicals/Products – Chemicals and products available for shipment and delivery**
  • Emergency Visits – If something goes wrong at your pool, call us and we’ll come and fix it for you. Clients receive a 24 hour response time.
  • Leak Detection and Pressure Testing – Think you have leak, let one of our specially trained technicians help you.
  • Service Work – Pipework, tiling, chlorinator install and more. You need service work done at your pool, we can do it.
  • Swimming Pool Expert Witness – We provide swimming pool experts for legal causes including diving accidents, drowning accidents, chemical accidents, improper installation, etc.

* Monthly visits require a valid CPO® on your staff.  ** Delivery option available only in select portions of New Jersey.

Based in New Jersey, Pool Operation Management offers commercial services that make it easier for commercial pools to meet and maintain state recreational bathing codes, health, and safety. Our variety of services includes staff training and many other services you need to get your swimming pool up and running smoothly. Our commercial maintenance service caters to all types of commercial pools. We also offer Certified Pool/Spa Operator® Certification courses in many states throughout the United States, so if you need a CPO® Certified technician on staff make sure they are prepared for the exam with a Pool Operation Management course taught by experienced, knowledgeable instructors.  Remember Pool Operation Management for all of your commercial pool maintenance service needs. Professional Pool Inspections, Trainings, Aquatic Facility Plans, Commercial Consulting and Pool Expert Witness Services can be provided throughout the United States, as well as Guam and the Carribbean.***

*** Travel fees will apply.

Pool Management and Education since 1980

POM can help you with all your pool service and training needs – commercial and residential.

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