Here are some links and access to other codes, regulations and information that can be useful to your pool operation.

Department of Health Pool Forms

Below are links to multiple state health departments that provide various forms such as water testing, operations, applications, inspection reports, accident reports and more.

Connecticut State Pool Forms –

Florida State Pool Forms –

Georgia State Pool Forms –

Georgia Pool Operator Guidance Document –

Hawaii State Pool Forms –

Maine State Pool Forms –

Maryland State Pool Forms –

Massachusetts State Pool Forms –

New Hampshire State Pool Forms-

New Jersey State Pool Forms –

New Jersey Chlorine Guidance Document –

New Jersey Pool Codes –

New York State Pool Forms

Operations Record:

Safety Plan:

Ohio State Pool Forms –

Pennsylvania State Pool Forms-

Pennsylvania Public Bathing Places Manual Part 1 –

South Carolina State Pool Forms –

West Virginia State Pool Forms –

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) –

Wherever you purchase your chemicals, you are able to obtain a SDS sheet for the chemical free of charge. Here is a list of some common ones. Be sure to check what brands you are  using as these are brand specific.

APSP Chemical Fact Sheets

APSP’s Recreational Water Quality Committee has produced easy-to-read fact-based information on various pool and spa chemicals and sanitation processes to produce and maintain healthy water. They are geared towards front line service professionals and those wanting basic, easy-to-understand information about pool and spa chemicals and sanitation processes. Download here:


2010 ADA Standard –

Check out a Sample Implementation Plan Here – This plan is for information only. Utilizing this plan and creating one does not mean you will will be compliant with ADA regulations. POM takes no responsibility for what you may decide to do with this information.

Pool and Spa Safety Act –

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Information on Healthy Swimming –

Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA)

Toxic and Hazardous Substances, Hazard Communication 1910.2000 Appendix A,B,C,D,E. The purpose of this section is to ensure that the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported are evaluated, and that information concerning their hazards is transmitted to employers and employees.

Toxic and Hazardous Substances, Bloodborne pathogens 1910.1030 Appendix A
This section applies to all occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials as defined by paragraph (b) of this section.

General Environmental Controls, Permit-required confined spaces 1910.146, Appendix A,B,C,D,E,F –

Hepatitis B Declination –

Guidelines for Employer Compliance (Advisory) 1910.2000 App E –

Hazard Communication Standard Pictogram –

Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know –

OSHA Chemical Hazard Communication (Informational Booklet) –

American Disabilities Act –

Department of Transportation Regulations –

US Environmental Protection Agency – Regulatory Information By Environmental Topics

Service Industry News –

International Code Council – Residential and Commercial Building and Pool  Codes for purchase:

National Electric Code – Check your state for your current edition. Available for purchase:

Entrapment Prevention –

Free Access to Mutliple Codes, such as NEC and Fire Code (Viewing Only) –

Safe Storage and Handling of Pool Chemicals –

National Plasterers Council

Check out the start up procedure for newly plastered pools! Pool Operation Management is also National Plasterer’s Council Start-Up technician certified, ask how we can start up your newly plastered pool today!

Pool Safety

Pool Safely.Gov

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Pool and Hot Tub Alliance


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