What is the Pool Director Training?

This one-day classroom instruction course is an APPROVED program per the New Jersey Department of Health to meet the requirement for pools larger than 2,000 square feet to have the designated adult supervisor possessing the pool director training certification. Topics covered include general pool director knowledge, filtration and pool equipment, water chemistry and water testing, sanitizer, water problems and pool troubleshooting, New Jersey Public Recreational Bathing Code (PRB NJAC 8:26)
Interpretation, supervision and staff training, and injury and drowning prevention.

Who must take the Pool Director Training?

All pools in New Jersey larger than 2,000 square feet.

Who must be the Pool Director?

The Pool Director must be a designated adult supervisor which is defined as over 18 years of age by the New Jersey Public Recreational Bathing Code (PRB NJ 8:26). A pool director is expected to have a basic understanding of pool management and supervision requirements. Being a TPO is recommended.

Does the CPO ® /TPO meet the Pool Director requirements?

No. The Pool Director Training is a different and additional certification course that is required.

Can the CPO ® /TPO be the Pool Director?

Yes. As long as they are the designated adult supervisor and over 18 years old, the
Pool Director can also be the CPO ® /TPO.

What topics are covered in the Pool Director Training?

 General pool knowledge
 Filtration and pool equipment
 Water chemistry and water testing
 Sanitizers: chlorine and alternatives
 Water problems and operation troubleshooting
 New Jersey Public Recreational Bathing Code (PRB NJAC 8:26) requirements
 Supervision and staff training
 Injury and drowning prevention

What is the exam like?

It is a one (1) hour exam. The exam has 25 questions. You need a 72 percent to pass.

How long is the certification valid?

The certification is valid for three years.

How much does the training cost?

The cost of the class is $200.00. If you are late to register (you would need to be
registered by two weeks before the start) there is a $25 late fee, bringing the fee to

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