In the State of Hawaii, a certified pool operator is not required. CPO Certification in Hawaii will, however, help run a better swimming facility.

While an operator is not required to have a certification per the state bathing code, the operator must comply with many rules and regulations as per the Department of Health Repeal of Chapter 11-13A and the Adoption of Chapter 11-10, Hawaii Administrative Rules, July 03, 2002 (Date of Adoption).

Subchapter 2 Operation and Maintenance states” §11-10-14 Purpose. The purpose of this subchapter shall be to provide minimum standards for public swimming pool operation and maintenance. [Eff ][Auth: HRS §§321-10, 321-11][Imp: HRS §321-11]”

These minimum standards include, but are not limited to, meeting chemical parameters and water clarity; maintaining a monitoring plan, quality control/quality assurance plan and maintenance and management plan; public swimming pool cleaning; enforcing pool rules and record keeping on a daily basis of:
(1) Water clarity;
(2) Operating periods of recirculation pumps and filters and corresponding rate of flow meter readings;
(3) Amounts of chemicals introduced to the pool water;
(4) Test results of disinfectant residuals;
(5) Test results of the pool water’s pH;
(6) Water quality monitoring data when required;
(7) Maintenance (and malfunctioning) of equipment;
(8) Dates of accidents from fecal or vomitus.

Operators must follow state, county, city and local laws as well as federal laws pertaining to the operation and maintenance of pools and spas.

CPO Certification Hawaii State Pool Forms

Code Excerpts

Criteria CPO Certification Hawaii
What is to be recorded Water clarity, Operating periods of pumps & filter, Flow rate, Chemicals added, Disinfectant residuals, pH, water quality, alkalinity (monthly)
Water Testing Frequency daily
Chlorine Levels (Min-Max) POOL: .6- CH
pH Levels (Min-Max) 7.2-7.8Br
Chlorine Test Kit Requirements No standard
pH Test Kit Requirements No standard
Cyanuric Acid Levels (Min-Max) No standard
Water Clarity 6″ black disk test
Turnover Rate POOL: 6 hrs
SPA: 30 minutes
WADING: 2  hrs
Bather Load (per bather) POOL: NL
Depth Markings No standard
CPO® Required No

Class Schedule

Date Location
2023 2023
November 27-28, 2023 Kailua-Kona, HI
December 5-6, 2023 Lihue, HI
2024 2024
February 7-8, 2024 Ka’anapali, HI
February 7-8, 2024 Waikiki, HI
September 24-25, 2024 Ka’anapali, HI
October 1-2, 2024 Waikiki, HI
November 27-28, 2024 Kailua-Kona, HI
December 3-4, 2024 Lihue, HI

To register by check, print and complete registration form and mail with check to Pool Operation Management, 68 Edwards Road, Brick, NJ 08723. Please make checks payable to Pool Operation Management.

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