1. The three most commonly used filter media are:
A)  Sand, Alum & Floc  B)  TV, Radio & Newspaper
C)  Sand, D. E., & Cartridge  D)  Calcium, Iron & Copper


2. Calcium Hardness should be ideally maintained between:
A)  0 – 100 ppm    B)  80 – 120 ppm
C)  1.0 – 3.0 ppm   D)  200 – 400 ppm


3. Spa filtration and recirculation pumps should operate:
A)  24 hours continuously.  B)  12 hours at a time.
C)  Only when in use.   D)  In 30 minute intervals.


4. If chlorine gets on your skin or in your eyes, you should:
A) Attempt to neutralize it with another chemical.
B) Flush with clean water for 15 minutes.
C) Wash it off with soap and water.
D) Jump in the pool and stay underwater till rescue squad arrives.




1. C)  Sand, D. E., & Cartridge  Although many filter media alternatives are now being used, these are by far, the most commonly used.

2. D)  200 – 400 ppm  is the ideal range for Calcium Hardness.  An acceptable range varies between 100-150 on the low end, up to 500 or even 1000+ in some cases.

3. A)  24 hours continuously . The NSPF® Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook and most state codes require that pumps run continually for commercial pools.

4. B)  Flush with clean water for 15 minutes  If still irritated, continue to flush with clean water until medical personnel arrives.

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