1. Give one (1) long blast of the whistle to alert patrons of an emergency and to clear patrons from the pool.
  2. Clear pool and maintain patron control.
  3. Effect the rescue.
  4. Inform patrons of situational needs (EMS, etc.).
  5. Give first aid if necessary.
  6. Notify your supervisor.
  7. Notify parents/guardians if necessary.
  8. Complete Incident Report immediately.

Patrons  (assistance)

  1. Call for assistance (EMS, etc.) if necessary.  Emergency phone numbers are posted near the phone.
  2. Maintain away-from-pool patron control.
  3. Assist Lifeguard if necessary

* This is a generic procedure that may aide you on creating your own. Your pool may require additional steps and/or procedures. All information is copyrighted material of Pool Operation Management, Inc.

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