Supervisor: Field Manager
General Functions: The LIFEGUARD is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the safety of patrons including accident prevention in the water and on surrounding areas
  • The rescue and care of accident victims

1) Minimum of 18 years of age

2) Ability to relate to staff and patrons

3) Required certifications:

  • Lifeguarding (ARC, YMCA or Ellis & Associates)
  • CPR (American Red Cross or American Heart Association)
  • First Aid (American Red Cross or State Emergency Medical Technician)

4) Optional certifications:

  • Certified Pool Operator (National Swimming Pool
  • Water Safety Instructor (American Red Cross)

1) Comply with and enforce all policies, procedures and regulations set by management company. and the facility

2) Present oneself in a professional manner at all times

3) Prevent accidents and minimize or eliminate hazardous conditions

4) Respond quickly to all emergency situations in the water or on surrounding areas

5) Administer any first aid needed by a victim of an accident

6) Educate patrons and inform them of the purpose and need for rules and regulations

7) Attend all staff meetings and trainings

8) Complete all records and reports as required

9) Perform other support duties as required

Salary Range: $7.25 – $12.00 per hour
* This is a generic procedure that may aide you on creating your own. Your pool may require additional steps and/or procedures. All information is copyrighted material of Pool Operation Management, Inc.

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