1. Follow directions inside the test kit carefully.
  2. Do not touch the inside or top of the vial or its cap. Do not directly touch any testing reagents. This will falsely contaminate the test sample.
  3. Choose a testing location away from an inlet that returns water from the filter to the pool.
  4. Rinse the vial thoroughly with pool water.
  5. To fill vial, turn upside-down and submerge the vial 12″-18″ below the surface water level. Turn the vial right-side up and allow it to fill. Remove the vial carefully.
  6. Remove water to the appropriate fill line by gently shaking the vial. If you shake out too much water, start over at Step #3.
  7. Complete the appropriate test by following directions carefully inside the test kit.
  8. Read the results by holding a white card behind the vial and position yourself so the sun is behind you.
  9. Record results in the Pool Log. Recording must be done in pen, not pencil. This is a legal document.
  10. Rinse the vial thoroughly and dry with a paper towel. Any reagent that remains inside the vial may stain the plastic and give false future readings.NOTE: If the DPD #1 test turns clear almost immediately after inserting the tablet or liquid, it is likely that the Chlorine levels are too high. If this is the case, the DPD #3 test will usually turn bright yellow or ‘murky brown’. A low Chlorine reading will show “no color” at any point in time.

* These tips are generic procedures that may aide you on creating your own. Your pool may require additional steps and/or procedures. All information is copyrighted material of Pool Operation Management, Inc.

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