Don’t DIY, Call the Pool Guy!

Autumn has arrived, and we are still stuck at home. Many have been doing DIY projects on their home. But when it comes to your pool, you should leave improvements up to the professionals! Fall is a great time to contact your pool professional for potential repairs, improvements, and upgrades you may want to perform on your pool. Here are some common services performed in the fall.

A Small Leak Will Sink a Great Ship

You have suspected that your pool has a leak, but you put off detection and repair services in lieu of using the garden hose to just add water. Not repairing that leak is doing your pool a huge disservice and also costing you much more than you think. When you have a leak and are constantly adding fresh water, you are continually diluting your water chemistry. This means spending more money on chemicals. If your pool is heated, you are also lowering the pool temperature with the addition of fresh water. It is best to have leak detection services performed. Fall is a great time to repair that leak so you don’t run the chance of completely leaking out the pool over the winter.

Don’t Cross the Line

You may have had a leak in a line prior, and instead of fixing it you just isolated, cut, or capped that line. By eliminating a designed line in your filtration system, you can negatively impact the flow, suction, and water clarity of your pool. Maybe your system was not designed according to the best hydraulics. Fall is a great time to replace or re-plumb your pool lines. Any digging required for this won’t “dirty” up your freshly landscaped yard as it would in the spring.

Can We Talk?

With the health crisis, certain pool products have been difficult to obtain. There are long lead times for popular items such as heaters, safety covers, pool liners, salt cells and systems that used to be in stock. Knowing that inventory is low now is the time to plan for any upgrades you will want to do in the spring. As you may have noticed when you have gone to the store, prices have also increased as a result of the health crisis and will also likely increase in the next calendar year. This makes fall an even more attractive time to purchase.  With a majority of pools already closed, we have time to come out and chat with you and help you re-design your backyard oasis.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Don’t delay, call us today if you are interested in having any of these or other pool repairs or upgrades performed. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to next year and it being better than this year, and starting it off with a pristine pool sounds like a great plan!

*This information is obtained from the Certified Pool and Spa Operator Handbook. This information may not be applicable to your pool based on your pool type and location. One should reference all applicable regulations and standards for your facility.

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