It’s finally here. The unofficial start of summer is beckoning and the pool is open. Let’s party! This is the mantra of many now. While we LOVE a good pool party, there are some rules we need to remind you of that should be enforced to keep your pool and your bathers safe.
  You’re done the yard work, just home from a long day at work or school, or just came back from the beach, and you jump in the pool! When you do that, you are bringing in all the day’s grime that you’ve acquired into your pool. Everything that gets in your pool can affect your water chemistry and clarity. You want to ensure that your bathers are clean and healthy before using the pool.
  • All persons must shower before entering the water.
  • All children in diapers must wear diapers specially designed for immersion in water (such as swimming diapers).
  • Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before entering the water.
  Your pool may be the neighborhood pool where everybody hangs out, but in reality you don’t want everyone in your pool. If people are sick, injured, sunburned, or with open wounds, they should not be using the pool. Many illnesses can be transmitted through water, and you don’t want to risk getting others sick.
  • Any person showing evidence of any communicable skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharges, or any other communicable disease should not swim.
  • Any person with excessive sunburn, open blisters, cuts, or bandages should not swim.
  • Do not enter the water if you are experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or have had any signs or symptoms of a gastrointestinal (stomach) disease in the past seven days.
  • Don’t allow your pets in the pool.
  The pool represents a carefree environment where all can have fun. We certainly want people to have fun, but we also don’t want them to get hurt. There are many factors that can present a danger at the pool, so it is the owner’s responsibility to eliminate some of those risks and provide a safe pool for the bathers.
  • Alcohol and pools do not mix.
  • No shallow water dives.
  • No glass around the pool.
  • No running or horseplay.
  • Pool must be closed during storms.
We know rules don’t seem especially fun, but they are in place so everyone can have a great time at the pool! And when everyone is having a fun time at your pool, safe from injury, disease and harm; that can be the best day ever!

*This information is obtained from the Certified Pool and Spa Operator Handbook. This information may not be applicable to your pool based on your pool type and location. One should reference all applicable regulations and standards for your facility.

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