Pool Renovation Ideas And Upgrades For The New Year

Being in the thick of winter, it’s easy to let your swimming pool to slip to the back of your mind. However, you’d be wasting the best time of the year for swimming pool renovations. During the warmer months, the last thing you want to do is shut down the pool until construction is complete. If you are looking to improve your swimming experience, consider the following pool renovation ideas.

Tiling Detail

What many people don’t realize is just how important aesthetics are to the swimming experience. You may think all pools look the same, but once you step into a finely detailed, beautiful pool – you will immediately know the difference. You can bring your swimming pool to the next level with reflective tiling detail. Whether you want a minimal, modern design or something more intricate, the tiling upgrade is sure to improve the swimming experience. 

Going beyond aesthetics, tiling detail also has practical uses. The grout between tiles adds a texture that lets swimmers grip to the floor more easily. This makes it easier to walk around in the pool and it is safer exiting the pool on stairs with traction. 


Pool Pump

While not as flashy as tiling detail, installing a new pool pump is an important swimming pool renovation to consider. Older pool pumps are often underpowered and inefficient. Even if they still function properly, few come close to the energy efficiency of the newest models. Consider upgrading to a pool pump with variable speeds that only use as much energy needed at that time. If you are operating a commercial swimming facility, this could save you a ton of money but is definitely also beneficial for residential pools. 

Pool Deck

Upgrading the pool deck is another great pool renovation to make during the off-season. There are multiple ways that a new pool deck could improve your pool, starting with aesthetics. If you have an old, worn pool deck, consider giving it a makeover with beautiful stone pavers. Pavers come in so many shapes, colors, and textures that there is nothing holding you back from creating the pool deck of your dreams. If you already have a concrete pool deck, considering applying a pool deck coating to give it a facelift. 

Renovating your pool deck can also reduce safety hazards. For example, an old wooden pool deck leaves swimmers vulnerable to painful splinters and foot injuries. Older pool decks are also more likely to develop weak spots that can cause serious injuries. 

Another practical benefit of renovating your pool deck is it gives you an opportunity to replace old pool coping. You can replace worn, moldy or rusty pool coping with wood or brick coping that matches your new pool deck. This will improve the aesthetics of your pool while making it easier to enter and exit the pool. 

Add a Hot Tub

Really want to bring your swimming pool to the next level? By adding a hot tub to your pool deck, you can turn a regular pool to a lavish swimming locale. It’s a great way to increase the value of a residential property or attract more swimmers to a commercial facility. With a beautiful, renovated pool alongside a brand new hot tub, you may never want to leave the water!


Pool Renovation Ideas for Certified Pool Operators®

These pool renovation ideas can breathe new life into your swimming pool but proper pool management and maintenance is the best way to protect your pool. Pool Operation Management offers award-winning, two-day courses in CPO certification. We offer the perfect start to becoming a pool expert. We also offer residential and commercial pool maintenance services, so we can maintain your pool for you. Our experienced professionals will not only help you get certified, but you will acquire real-world knowledge to aid you in your pool operation career. Our expertise even qualifies us to serve as expert witnesses in legal matters. Contact us today to get started with the pool experts.

*This information is obtained from the Certified Pool and Spa Operator Handbook. This information may not be applicable to your pool based on your pool type and location. One should reference all applicable regulations and standards for your facility.

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