CPO® CERTIFICATION IN-PERSON – LATE – DAY 2 (must have completed primer)


Day 2 consists of attending a classroom session after successful completion of the Day 1 online training to take your exam.

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After successful completion of the online primer training, attend this Day 2 in-person classroom session  training to take your exam. You must present your online completion certificate in order to attend the class. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. You have 6 months from completion of your online training to complete your training with an instructor and take your exam. REFUND POLICY: In the event that you cannot attend, a refund may be requested 14 days before the course. However, there is $35 cancellation fee. Within 14 days of the course or if you fail to attend, no refund will be given. ONLINE TRAINING IS NON-REFUNDABLE. BOOK POLICY: Books are only shipped to the home address. If you want the materials shipped to the business address and they are lost, a new book must be purchased for $75. Books will not be sent during the late period, which is the two weeks before the start of the class. The online primer training gives you access to an E-book (currrently being updated during 1st quarter 2021 so access may be limited.)

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Date and Location

FLORIDA 2024, June 21, 2024-Pensacola FL, June 23, 2024-Jacksonville FL, July 12, 2024-Orlando FL, July 14, 2024-Daytona Beach FL, July 31, 2024-Miami FL, August 2, 2024-West Palm Beach FL, August 21, 2024-Orlando FL, August 23, 2024 Fort Myers FL, September 6, 2024-Key West FL, September 11, 2024-Fort Lauderdale FL, September 13, 2024 Daytona Beach FL, September 15, 2024-Jacksonville FL, October 2, 2024-Pensacola FL, October 4, 2024-Panama City FL, October 23, 2024 – West Palm Beach, October 25, 2024-Fort Myers FL, October 27, 2024-Tampa FL, November 13, 2024-Miami FL, November 15, 2024-Orlando FL, GEORIGA 2024, June 14, 2024-Atlanta GA, July 21, 2024-Macon GA, July 23, 2024-Atlanta GA, August 9, 2024-Rome GA, August 11, 2024-Atlanta GA, September 25, 2024-Savannah GA, September 27, 2024-Atlanta GA, October 6, 2024-Albany GA, October 17, 2024-Atlanta, November 3, 2024-Savannah GA, November 5, 2024-Macon GA, November 7, 2024-Atlanta GA, December 4, 2024-Atlanta GA, NEW JERSEY 2024, June 19, 2024-Morristown NJ, July 10, 2024-Hamilton NJ, October 20, 2024-Morristown NJ, October 30, 2024-Hamilton NJ, NEW YORK 2024, June 12, 2024-Syracuse NY, October 9, 2024-Long Island NY, October 18, 2024-New York NY, October 23, 2024 Albany, October 25, 2024 Newburgh, MASSACHUSETTS 2024, September 29, 2024-Norwood MA, October 13, 2024-Taunton MA, November 3, 2024 Plymouth MA, MARYLAND 2024, November 13, 2024-Hagerstown MD, November 15, 2024-Columbia MD, MAINE 2024, June 9, 2024-Portland, ME, NEW HAMPSHIRE 2024, June 11, 2024-Concord NH, PENNSYLVANIA 2024, July 17, 2024- Pittsburgh PA, July 19, 2024- Harrisburg PA, September 13, 2024- Philadelphia PA, September 18, 2024- Harrisburg PA, September 20, 2024- State College PA, September 25, 2024- Pittsburgh PA, November 7, 2024-Harrisburg PA, WEST VIRGINIA 2024, October 13, 2024- Charleston WV, November 10, 2024- Morgantown WV, SOUTH CAROLINA 2024, November 22, 2024-Myrtle Beach SC, November 24, 2024-Charleston SC, HAWAII 2024, September 26, 2024-Ka’anapali HI, September 26, 2024- Waikiki HI, December 5, 2024- Kailua-Kona HI, December 5, 2024- Lihue HI