The online training package consists of your Day 1 online training which covers all 18 chapters in the Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook and attending a Day 2 session or 1 Day session after successful completion of the primer online training to take your exam.

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The online primer trianing covers all 18 chapters in the Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook. There are 8 online lessons associated with the CPO® Certification course. There is a test at the end of each lesson, for which you must achieve a 80% on each, otherwise you have to review material again and retake the test. You can take up to 6 months to complete the online primer training. You can sign in and out as many times as you want. Once you complete all the lessons, you are then able to print a certificate of completion for the online portion.

After sucessful completion of the primer traning, attend this Day 2 classroom training session to take your exam. You must present your online completion certificate in order to attend the class. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. You have 6 months from completion of your online training to complete your training with an instructor and take your exam. Online CPO® Certification is NON-REFUNDABLE. Books will not be sent during the late period, which is the two weeks before the start of the class. Books are only shipped to the home address. If the book is lost by the recipient when shipped to the home address, a new book must be purchased for $75.00.If you want the materials shipped to the business address and they are lost by either the shipper or recipient, a new book must be purchased for $75. Books will not be sent during the late period, which is the two weeks before the start of the class. The online primer training includes access to an E-book (being updated th 1st quarter of 2021 so access may be limited).

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FLORIDA 2024, April 28, 2024- Jacksonville FL, May 3, 2024-Orlando FL, May 5, 2024-Daytona Beach FL, June 2, 2024-Miami FL, June 4, 2024-Fort Myers FL, June 6, 2024-Tampa, FL, June 21, 2024-Pensacola FL, June 23, 2024-Jacksonville FL, July 12, 2024-Orlando FL, July 14, 2024-Daytona Beach FL, July 31, 2024-Miami FL, August 2, 2024-West Palm Beach FL, August 21, 2024-Orlando FL, August 23, 2024 Fort Myers FL, September 6, 2024-Key West FL, September 11, 2024-Fort Lauderdale FL, September 13, 2024 Daytona Beach FL, September 15, 2024-Jacksonville FL, October 2, 2024-Pensacola FL, October 4, 2024-Panama City FL, October 23, 2024 – West Palm Beach, October 25, 2024-Fort Myers FL, October 27, 2024-Tampa FL, November 13, 2024-Miami FL, November 15, 2024-Orlando FL, GEORIGA 2024, May 15 2024-Atlanta GA, June 12, 2024-Brunswick GA, June 14, 2024-Atlanta GA, July 21, 2024-Macon GA, July 23, 2024-Atlanta GA, August 9, 2024-Rome GA, August 11, 2024-Atlanta GA, September 25, 2024-Savannah GA, September 27, 2024-Atlanta GA, October 6, 2024-Albany GA, October 17, 2024-Atlanta, November 3, 2024-Savannah GA, November 5, 2024-Macon GA, November 7, 2024-Atlanta GA, December 4, 2024-Atlanta GA, NEW JERSEY 2024, April 21, 2024-Saddlebrook NJ, April 21, 2024-Wildwood NJ, April 24, 2024-East Brunswick NJ, May 1, 2024-Morristown NJ, May 5, 2024-Cherry Hill, May 8, 2024-Absecon NJ, May 19, 2024-Somerset NJ, June 5, 2024-Toms River NJ, June 19, 2024-Morristown NJ, July 10, 2024-Hamilton NJ, October 20, 2024-Morristown NJ, October 30, 2024-Hamilton NJ, NEW YORK 2024, April 19, 2024-New York NY, June 12, 2024-Long Island NY, June 12, 2024-Syracuse NY, June 14, 2024-Rochester NY, October 9, 2024-Long Island NY, October 18, 2024-New York NY, October 23, 2024 Albany, October 25, 2024 Newburgh, MASSACHUSETTS 2024, April 28, 2024-Peabody MA, May 15, 2024-Taunton MA, May 16, 2024-Springfield MA, May 19, 2024-Lowell MA, June 13, 2024-Norwood MA, July 21, 2024-Peabody MA, September 29, 2024-Norwood MA, October 13, 2024-Taunton MA, November 3, 2024 Plymouth MA, MARYLAND 2024, November 13, 2024-Hagerstown MD, November 15, 2024-Columbia MD, MAINE 2024, June 9, 2024-Portland, ME, NEW HAMPSHIRE 2024, April 26, 2024-Concord NH, June 11, 2024-Concord NH, PENNSYLVANIA 2024, May 8, 2024-Pittsburgh PA, May 15, 2024-Harrisburg PA, May 17, 2024- State College PA, July 17, 2024- Pittsburgh PA, July 19, 2024- Harrisburg PA, September 13, 2024- Philadelphia PA, September 18, 2024- Harrisburg PA, September 20, 2024- State College PA, September 25, 2024- Pittsburgh PA, November 7, 2024-Harrisburg PA, WEST VIRGINIA 2024, April 28, 2024- Charleston WV, May 8-9, 2024- Wheeling WV, October 13, 2024- Charleston WV, November 10, 2024- Morgantown WV, SOUTH CAROLINA 2024, November 22, 2024-Myrtle Beach SC, November 24, 2024-Charleston SC, HAWAII 2024, September 25, 2024-Ka’anapali HI, October 2, 2024- Waikiki HI, November 28, 2024- Kailua-Kona HI, December 4, 2024- Lihue HI