Winter is here, whether we like it or not

The 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac has made a prediction of a “Shivery & Snowy” for us on the East Coast. They say that the eastern half of the U.S. should brace for potentially record-breaking cold with temperatures as much as 8°F below normal! Additionally, they say Freezing temperatures will also bring above-average snow totals to most areas in the eastern U.S. that typically experience snowfall.  So how will this chilly forecast affect your pool?


Pools really don’t like cold and snow. And neither do pool covers. So, you are going to want to make pool cover checks part of your routine this winter. All that excess snow can cause cover straps to become stretched out requiring them to be resecured to ensure your pool cover stays in place. You also want to remove any snow load from your pool cover (carefully) as that load can stretch and degrade your cover. If you don’t remove the snow and let it melt, it is going to increase the water level of your pool, which is especially of concern if you don’t have a pool cover pump. All this extra water can potentially cause freeze-thaw damage to your tiles and coping.



It seems like everyone has jumped on the technology band wagon and has installed exterior cameras outside of their homes. You can install a camera that points at your pool so you can monitor it from the warmth and comfort of your home. This could also prove useful if there is some damage that may occur during winter storms to your pool and/or pool cover for insurance reasons. You can even contact your insurance company for ideas how to safeguard your home and pool during the winter months.



Quiet evenings at home during the winter are scenes that are straight out of the movies. You can see the fire going while you are snuggled up with some cocoa on your couch with your family enjoying the peaceful night. How about getting some peace of mind for your pool? Did you know we offer a Winter Watch program for your pool? This service includes three (3) winter visits to clear and secure the pool cover, check water levels, and test and balance chemistry. Interested in signing up? Give us a call today!

*This information is obtained from the Certified Pool and Spa Operator Handbook. This information may not be applicable to your pool based on your pool type and location. One should reference all applicable regulations and standards for your facility.

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