Winter Pool Care

Winter weather tends to make us think of summer and when can we open our pools. We don’t typically think that there is anything that needs to be done to our pools in winter. However, that is quite the opposite. Our pools need some love and care in the winter to help prolong the life of some pool equipment and help for an easier pool opening.

Cover Care

Your pool cover is doing more than safety. It is helping to protect your pool from the elements as well. You want to check your straps and make sure they are all on and at the correct tension level. You should remove any leaves or debris from your pool cover. You do not want to use rakes or certain brooms that can cause damage during the removal process. You can use a leaf blower or soft bristle brush. You also want to remove heavy snow loads, again being careful with removal. Also, if you have a cover pump cover ensure that it is working. If your pool cover starts to sag, you could potentially drain more water from your pool which can cause issues to your pool. So, make sure it’s on right and tight!

Water Care

It seems odd to worry about water chemistry in the winter since no one is swimming, but by maintaining certain levels it will to prevent algae growth and protect your surface. We want to maintain slight chlorine residual and pH levels on the higher side. The chlorine will help to prevent algae growth. The higher pH will come down as rain and snow enter the pool.

Equipment Care

When your pool was winterized, the equipment was drained, disassembled and/or stored for the winter. Just like the cover, you want to remove excess leaves and snow from around the equipment and its pad. Pests and rodents like to take up residency in your pool equipment during the winter, so keeping the area clear will help you to notice any pests that may be nearby. It will also give you clearer access to assess if there are some unwelcomed guests!

We Care

As always, winter service is a service we can perform for you. Winter service includes three (3) winter visits to clear and secure cover, test and balance chemistry. If you have any questions or what to enroll, give us a call. We are here!

*This information is obtained from the Certified Pool and Spa Operator Handbook. This information may not be applicable to your pool based on your pool type and location. One should reference all applicable regulations and standards for your facility.

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